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Shawn Mendes Divides Social Media Over Men Wearing Crop Tops Debate

Shawn Mendes divided naysayers on social media when the singer championed men wearing crop tops.

“I think the crop tops, they’re just… they’re super beautiful,” the Canadian musician said while attending the Tommy Hilfiger event in London on Tuesday, March 21. “They look great on men. They look great on men, so don’t be afraid to pick them up, guys. They look good.”

Shawn doubled down on his statement in an interview with Evening Standard. Discussing him and music producer Mike Sabath sporting a crop top from Hilfiger’s latest collection, the “Senorita” singer shared, “We put the crop on him and were like – hot. That’s it. Like, yes. He would look amazing in anything. I think it’s just a representation of what clothing is today, you know, that masculine-feminine thing.”

His remarks quickly drew various responses from Internet users. Twitter trolls blasted Shawn with one saying, “Ew. Why must we continue to make our men feminine?” Another hater tweeted, “bring back real men please.”

However, some others agreed with Shawn, noting that Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith used to bare their midriffs in the ’80s and ’90s. “and before someone got something to say. Men has been wearing crop tops since thee 90s to 20s,” one person pointed out.

“crop top shirts was originally created by MEN for MEN and was part of men’s fashion for years before women began wearing them… short-shorts too. Just saying because the audacity of people to mock men and boys who wear it is just ridiculous when their grandad prob rocked it,” another fan defended the ex-boyfriend of Camila Cabello. Another supporter wrote, “I’m behind him. Enough restricting people. Wear what you want. Confident and fashionable man is a man in anything he wears.”

Meanwhile, some users were even more convinced that Shawn might be gay after he made his comments. “Don’t be afraid to come out Shawn,” one said, urging the musician to come out as gay. Echoing the sentiment, someone added, “Come out of the closet already.”

The lack of fashion education from people equating clothes with gender sends me over the edge. If you've ever looked at styles from the 70s and 80s, crop tops was a look many men wore, not just gay men.

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