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Shea Couleé Showers Bigot With Iced Coffee Who Called Her Racist & Homophobic Slur

RuPaul's Drag Race icon Shea Couleé didn't come to play with you bigots who think you can be slick at the mouth, and not receive repercussions for said slickness.

On Wednesday, the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 5 winner took to Twitter (I refuse to call it X) and revealed a horrific incident that occurred outside Starbucks.

Here's what the Chicago drag queen tweeted: “Today a man harassed three teenage girls calling them ‘whores’ outside of Starbucks. I immediately told him that he was inappropriate, and to not speak to young women that way. He called me a ‘f***ot’ and a ‘n***er,’ so I threw my full iced Americano in his face.”

In another post, Couleé tweeted that another man decided to assert himself into the situation.

“Then some crusty old white dude told me that my reaction was uncalled for even though he sat there the entire time while this man harassed these other girls and myself,” Couleé explained.

She added, “Firstly, as a white person, NEVER tell a black person how to respond to being called a ‘n***er.’”

I always find it funny when white people will sit there and allow women, black women, and gay people to be disrespected, but when we retaliate we're in the wrong. I'm not mad at Shea for what she did. He better be lucky the drink wasn't hot.

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