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Sherri Shepherd Slammed For Calling Britney Spears Crazy

Social media lit Sherri Shepherd's ass up over her unapologetic comments regarding Britney Spears on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

During a game of Do You Give A Damn? on Wednesday night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen asked his guests whether they cared about Spears’ highly anticipated memoir, “The Woman in Me” (out Oct. 24).

Actress Issa Rae answered first, telling the Bravo honcho, 55, that she’s eager to read the book given that the Grammy winner, 41, “has been dropping a lot of tea” in excerpts that have already been released.

“She said that [her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake] cheated on her with another celebrity!” the “Insecure” star, 38, shrieked, prompting Shepherd to ask, “Another Mouseketeer?”

When Cohen questioned whether that meant she gave “a damn” about Spears’ tell-all, the comedian, 56, replied, “Not really, ’cause how many chapters are you gonna have — crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy and crazy.”

“Sherri!” Rae let out disappointedly, to which Shepherd responded unapologetically, “I said it.”

But fans were furious over the “disgusting” dig, with many online calling the daytime talk show host “part of the problem that has turned Britney into a victim!”

“Why would [you] call someone that went through so much scrutiny from the media and destroyed her mentality ‘crazy’?!” one of several critics tweeted, while someone else noted, “Yikes….that’s not very nice of her,” which was followed by, “I need this woman to be held accountable for her words, IMMEDIATELY.”

A fourth netizen remarked, “What an entirely dismissive thing to say about someone who’s survived such trauma. … Who else has single-handedly pushed the public to reexamine conservatorships to the degree she has?”

Others took aim at “Sherri,” quipping things like, “Her show is the kind of show you’re forced to watch in the waiting room at the Dentist office. I’d rather be crazy and fun than boring as hell lol.”

Another jokester added, “What’s crazy is thinking you can ever replace Wendy Williams.”

But a few pointed out that social media users shouldn’t stoop to Shepherd’s level, as one person posted, “I hope she do some self searching. … I know we are angry with what she said but we need to hit back in a nice way tho. Respect others if u wan ppl to respect you.”

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