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Singer James Wright Chanel Confirms He Was Assaulted By Chrisean Rock At Tamar Braxton Concert

Singer and lover of Patty pies James Wright Chanel is telling his side of the story in regards to troubled reality star Chrisean Rock putting paws on him at Tamar Braxton's concert.

We’ve heard Chrisean Rock share her side of the story regarding the alleged assault of James Wright Chanel at Tamar Braxton’s weekend concert. Now, the victim is giving us some insight into his perspective, though he didn’t specifically name the new mother as his attacker. After everything unfolded on Friday (November 10) in Baltimore, Wright went Live (while hiding his face from the camera) to confirm that at least some of the rumours circulating are true.

“Chile, I was an innocent bystander,” Braxton’s backup singer said of his involvement in the blowout. He laughed while delivering the news, noting that it’s important to still find the joy and humour in things if possible. “I don’t know what be wrong with people, I really don’t,” he reflected. It’s likely Chanel was referring to Rock’s decision to reportedly punch him in the face after finding out she wasn’t performing during Tamar’s concert.

Elsewhere, LeTroy, – a member of Braxton’s team who shared one of the initial stories about the drama – responded to Rock’s video denying any wrongdoing with a screenshot of his text interaction with someone from her management. “Hey LeTroy, nice to meet you. Tamar had told Chrisean that she wanted to bring her out tonight,” the latter confirmed.

While it was agreed upon that the Baddies cast member would come on stage, nothing was said about an actual performance. This seems to be where the confusion led to violence.

I really don't understand why so many people particularly Tamar give this girl attention. She has one song and thinks she's Beyonce. Her ego is way out of control, and thinks that when she doesn't get her way or there's a misunderstanding that the way you resolve your issues is by assaulting people.

I hope James presses charges against her, because there's no excuse for her behavior. Then again, how can she learn if networks like Zeus and certain media conglomerates entertain and reward her behavior.

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