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Stephanie Mills Claps Back At BeyHive Over Comments Regarding Beyoncé & Diana Ross Glamour Comments

Stephanie Mills is doubling down on comments she made during a VLAD TV interview where she said in so many words that Beyoncé is not on the same level asma Diana Ross.

Before we get to her clap back, let me remind you what she said to Vlad that got her in hot water.

“[Diana Ross] was Beyonce before Beyonce.” Interjecting, Stephanie said, “Oh, she – I don’t think you can compare. I don’t think you can compare Beyonce to Diana Ross.”

“Just in terms of stardom?” the interviewer asked. Stephanie added, “In terms of stardom … it’s still different. I mean, Diana is glamor, and you know … Beyonce is glamor … it’s just different … it’s Hip-Hop.”

Stephanie continued, “I consider Beyonce Hip-Hop. And I consider Diana, R&B and Pop, and just … I consider her royalty. I’ve always wanted to be like Diana. And when I saw, ‘Lady Sings The Blues’ … I would go to her shows in Vegas … they were always so wonderful and classy, and everything. Diana Ross is epitome of beauty and class to me.”

When the interviewer said he did not necessarily agree with Stephanie on her outlook on Bey being viewed as “hip-hop,” she doubled down on her comments, “Really? I see [Beyonce] more like hip-hop than anything. And I still think she’s wonderful don’t get me wrong. But, it’s two different generations. It’s just totally different … to me.”

via TMZ:

The R&B vet hit "The Breakfast Club" Friday to address her recent VladTV interview ... where she boldly declared Beyonce classifies as a rapper, while Diana Ross is the "epitome of glamour!!!"

Rather than backpedal, Stephanie doubled down ... explaining, in her eyes, Beyonce's last few albums have been more in the "hip hop" lane and no one -- Bey included -- can compare to the Motown queen!!!

Stephanie admits she's always been a Diana Ross "stan" -- she literally set the stage for Diana's portrayal of Dorothy in the 1978 film "The Wiz" after playing the character herself for years on Broadway ... but makes no apologies for her commentary.

She did deny the implication that her comments made it sound like hip hop and rap are beneath old-school R&B -- and she got some backup from guest host, Jess Hilarious.

Beyonce's 2022 "Renaissance" album was largely classified as "dance" and helped her break the record for the most Grammy wins ever. The entire album rollout was about glam ... word to the crystal holographic horse she posed on for the album cover.

Look, all the ladies are great in their own right, and Beyoncé - who I'm sure sees Miss Ross as a musical influence is more than just a hip hop artist.

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