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Stephen A. Smith Apologizes For Remarks On Black People Supporting Donald Trump

Stephen A. Smith has apologized for offending Black people with his latest Donald Trump take.

via: Vibe

On Monday (April 22), the First Take host issued a formal apology on his YouTube channel, taking accountability for seemingly supporting Trump for President on behalf of Black folks. He asserted that the community misconstrued his words.

“I’m fully aware that I have been in the news the last few days. Paraded all over social media as well after comments I made on Fox News’ Hannity last week…A lot of folks in Black America seem pretty pissed at me right now,” he began. “Quite a few folks were offended as my words were interpreted as associating support for Trump by the Black community with all the legal issues he’s facing. For that, I sincerely apologize. I’m stating right here for the record that I was taken out of context.”

As he continued, he asserted that the way he was depicted in the news was just as offensive. He then clarified what he was trying to say during his Fox News bit.

Smith stated that he has been reading the news of major publications and it has been reported that Trump is picking up major support from Black voters. He insisted he was merely stating facts previously reported by reputable American sources like the New York Times, Axios, and more. He also pointed out that Trump has taken the lead in all five major national polls. However, he still remained apologetic in his stance.

“Why did I say all of that? Because I wanted to show you I didn’t just open my mouth. I read, I listened, and I’ve seen a momentum shift as we all have,” he added.

“Anywhere I appear, no matter my subjectivity relating to what I feel, is still going to be based on facts being presented into the stratosphere. That is who I’ve always been. It is who I’ll always continue to be. But it’s never exercised with malice on my heart and certainly never to assault or harm the Black community, my community…Just because my intent was harmless, doesn’t mean my words will harm less, and I know that.”

The talking head went viral in mid-April after his appearance on Hannity. There, he was asked about Black America’s relationship with Trump and what Black Trump supporters were feeling during his trial. Smith explained that they can relate to Trump “being discriminated against.” The comments sparked an outcry from the Black community, with the NAACP also voicing its disdain for Stephen A’s remarks.

This is why overpaid talking heads like Stephen A Smith should be seen and not heard. So keep tapdancing with that half-assed apology. We see you for the coon you have always been.

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