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Streamer Kai Cenat Slams Lil Nas X For Disrespecting God In J Christ Music Video

Kai Cenat felt the need to go on Twitch and rant about Lil Nas X using religious imagery in his latest music video.

via: Vibe

Kai Cenat is not a fan of Lil Nas X‘s promotional methods. The popular streamer called out the two-time Grammy winner for “disrespecting God” this week.

The Montero artist promoted his new single “J Christ” by posting a photo of himself hanging on a cross while men and women tugged on ropes to make it stand up. The photo, which was the single’s cover art, caused a lot of controversy on social media and Cenat chose to address X in one of his recent streams.

“Yo, Lil Nas X, you could eat my whole d**k!” he exclaimed. “I hate that ni**a, bro. God gonna handle you in the right way. God gonna handle you, bro.” Someone off camera questioned why Cenat was so frustrated, to which he responded, “He’s extremely disrespectful. Go on his page, bro. He’s disrespecting God himself. He’s disrespecting the whole culture.”

Check out the rant below.

Lil Nas X described “J Christ” as “dedicated to the man who had the greatest comeback of all time” when he shared the cover art on Monday (Jan. 8). He countered the backlash he received on social media by posting an acceptance letter to the Biblical Studies Program at Liberty University, which was later proven to be fake by the university.

“J Christ” is a comeback of sorts for the pop star, whose last release “Star Walkin’” came in September 2022. Months before, he teamed up with NBA YoungBoy on “Late To Da Party (F*ck BET)” which came out two days before the 2022 BET Awards.

X hasn’t released a full-length project since 2021’s Montero, which boasted the hit single “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow.

If you missed it you can watch the video for J Christ below...

I find it quite hilarious that we have a bunch of internet thugs and personalities who want to piggy back and go viral off of someone's moment for clout, and all of a sudden want to go hard for the colonizer's religion as if you speaking for your imaginary sky daddy will get you the golden ticket into heaven.

Quiet as it's kept some of y'all have broken just about every damn commandment under the sun, but because you have someone black and gay using religious imagery in their art he's disrespecting God.

I know this is hard for some to take, but not everyone (especially critical thinkers) are required to believe what you believe. So Kai, stay in your lane and continue to dance around in your room with a bunch of dudes that look like they leave skid marks in their boxers, and room smells like three week old sweaty balls.

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