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Sunny Hostin Defends The View After Former Co-Host Meghan McCain Calls Work Environment Toxic

The View co-host Sunny Hostin recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live, and when a caller asked a question (most likely pre-written and approved by Andy himself) regarding a recent column NutMeg McCain wrote for Daily Beast calling The View a toxic workplace, here's what she had to say:

“Oh, let me take a drink. Um, what can I say? I have not read the column. I have heard about it, and our show is a wonderful place,” the 54-year-old longtime cohost said. “We’re the No. 1 talk show in the country, happy to say. I’m surprised that she’s writing about the book. I know her husband [Ben Domenech] likes to mean-tweet about me, which is shocking, but Meghan and I have always been friendly, we remain friends, and I don’t think she’s doing television anymore.”

At one point during the conversation, Sunny even suggested that Andy hire NutMeg to be a Housewife for one of his 5,000 franchises, to which we all know she's a huge fan of.

“I wish her well,” she said. “We’re really happy on the show, we’re really a cohesive group, and, God bless!”

Sunny mentioned Potomac as one of the franchises NutMeg should be cast on, but we did the sole white girl on a black franchise with Atlanta. If Andy decided to bring back the DC franchise maybe she'd be good there.

I don't know what show NutMeg was on, but The View I watched that she was a co-host of was toxic due to her disrespectful behavior.

She was the one who came across as angry, unhinged, and often clashed with her co-hosts particularly Joy Behar.

Just because her father ran for president and lost to Barack Obama doesn't mean you have a first hand inclination as to how politics truly works. You were nothing more than a trust fund baby with a big mouth who knew how to get yourself trending on social media.

I should point out that according to an EW article, at the time all possible Hot Topic discussion points were reviewed by all the cohosts daily, and they decide as a group — which includes the producers — those they want to include based on what will make for the best conversation.

Since NutMeg's departure, she's been replaced by former Donald Trump staffer Alyssa Farrah Griffin and Ana Navarro.

Watch the clip below...

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