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Tamar Braxton Believes Racism Played A Part In Reality Show Not Being As Popular As Kardashians

Tamar Braxton recently appeared on Dish Nation to spill the tea on the latest hot topics, and when the panel began debating if Nene Leakes should be on the same level or bigger than Kim Kardashian, Tamar didn't hold back on her opinion.

In my opinion Nene should be as big as Kim Kardashian, since she was one of the most entertaining personalities to come out of Bravo. But let's be real here - people like Nene Leakes aren't afforded the same opportunities as a Kim K, because of racism.

So when people like Gary's "pick me" ass calls her delusional, or the other panelist says "they need to play a harder game of football" to negotiate a better deal, it sounds pretty out of touch, and that you'll take any crumbs thrown at you in order to be put on.

The Kardashians have and will continue making billions off the backs of black culture, and, with Kris Jenner being married to an attorney (Robert Kardashian Sr.), she knew how to play the game when it comes to business.

Nene was a bright eyed and bushy tailed unknown who was learning the ropes as she went along. We also know when it comes to talent, the industry will intentionally lowball the black performers. We've heard many people over the years (Mo'Nique is a perfect example) speak up about this.

As for Tamar, I agree with everything she said in the video. Braxton Family Values definitely put WEtv on the map, because quiet as it's kept, I wasn't watching that channel before the Braxtons came along. The Braxtons should be as big as the Kardashians, and should have been afforded the same opportunities - meaning they should have been allowed to showcase their businesses, but Tamar said they weren't allowed to showcase their businesses.

I always looked at the Braxtons as the Kardashians with an actual talent, so it's unfortunate that all the Braxtons wanted was to have a show that would showcase their abilities, but all it ended up doing was cause family friction for the sake of ratings.

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