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Tamika Scott Provides Receipts That Her Sister LaTocha Scott Stole $30K Royalty Check

Tamika Scott is calling sister LaTocha Scott-Biven's bluff by providing receipts that she and her bum ass husband Rocky Bivens stole her $30,000 royalty check. Tamika also says they tried to blackmail her by threatening to release her sex tape.

via Vibe:

In a video posted to her YouTube channel Wednesday, Tamika takes issue with LaTocha labeling her a liar due to her past issues with groupmate Kandi Burruss, as she admittedly lied on the songwriter, but claims she only did so at the time to protect her sister.

“I said the things I said about Kandi to protect her,” Tamika claims. “She was calling me crying on the phone, talking about a book Jermaine wrote, crying, saying Kandi said she broke up the group, so I went to defend my sister and I said a whole bunch of things about Kandi, and I apologized, alright? So now, she wants to hold that over my head that I’m lying about the money that was stolen from me, my royalties that were stolen from me. And she wants an apology.”

She goes on to say she’ll never apologize and doesn’t want an apology from her sister either, but does believe the gospel artist needs to “go somewhere and repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband, who’s out here being triflin’, lying on me and my other group members, sending threat text messages and then turning around and do a video saying the same thing that’s in the threat text.”

After declaring LaTocha and Rocky the “simplest criminals in the world,” Tamika shares a screenshot of a text she believes was sent from the couple, threatening to release a sex tape of her and accusing her of sending nudes to Rocky. It also featured accusations aimed at Kandi and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, as well as Kandi’s husband Todd Tucker, according to Scott.

“I might even share the video where she’s saying things that’s in the text,” she added before inserting a clip of Rocky gossiping to Tasha K about the group and Tucker.

“He’s a liar, he’s the devil, he’s evil,” Tamika declared once back onscreen, adding that she often sided with family over truth because she wanted to be loved by them and didn’t want to be considered an “outcast.”

“So, of course, I let things ride, but to have that thrown back in my face, my loyalty to my family, and for you to say I’m a liar, ya’ll are out here trying to extort me and you’re sitting here threatening me.”

Scott then doubles-down on her accusations of the couple stealing $30K in royalties from her, inserting a clip of Tiny’s mother explaining how she signed the group up to receive payment via Sound Exchange. According to Ms. Dianne, checks were to be sent to Tamika in New York. After Kandi, Tiny and LaTocha

received their payments, Tamika and Ms. Dianne contacted Sound Exchange to see why she hadn’t received hers.

While speaking with the rep, they discovered that her paperwork had been changed and her money was being sent to Fayetteville, Ga. They were then sent copies of the checks and told an Edward Bivens — Rocky’s legal name — cashed them. She added that the rep said LaTocha claimed to be her manager and sent in a copy of Tamika’s passport for proof of identification. Finally, the rep revealed that prosecuting the couple would be the only way to get her money back.

“I love Tocha still, I love her, and I would never lie on none of ya’ll. I love ya’ll, ya’ll my babies,” Ms. Dianne concluded.

Tamika then shares screenshots of paperwork where her New York address was changed to the couple’s Georgia address. She also claims the signatures provided were forged. “I’m not talking about this anymore after this, now the world knows that you are a liar…that’s doing a gospel album…go ahead, leak the tape that you said that you lost, go ahead, embarrass your niece…go ahead, and watch what God does. God don’t play about me.”

I believed LaTocha and Rocky was in on the theft as well as their mother since the second episode of SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B.

Tamika let it slide because she's a people pleaser, and as someone who has consistently fought for her mother's love, she played along in order to prevent herself from becoming the black sheep of the family.

I'm glad she finally found the strength to stand up for herself and realize that if she has to get in line with her sister's antics in order to get her mother's love, then she's got to walk away from the toxicity, because she'll never get that real love she's craving.

I'm also glad that Tamika got in front of the sex tape debacle, because I don't know if her delusional sister and husband are aware, but sex tapes don't hold as much salacious weight as they used to.

All skin folk ain't kin folk, and if Tamika never gets the opportunity to repair her relationship with her family (and never receives the $30k), she has Tiny, Kandi and others who can be the sisters she's never had.

I definitely feel Motown Gospel is in a bad spot right now, because who would want to support a Gospel record from someone who's a liar and a thief? How do you market someone who has turned out to be the ultimate villain on a currently running reality show?

I'm all for artists spreading their wings beyond the group that made them famous. However, how she and her husband went about getting the solo deal (by dick riding the revived success of Xscape) was tacky.

Should this solo deal tank (due to fans being turned off of LaTocha via the recent drama in the press) I would not let her come back to Xscape.

If you missed it, check out the video below...

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