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Tearful LaTocha Scott-Bivens Apologizes To Xscape & Mom, Reveals She's In A Open Marriage

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Now that all of her tea has been exposed, and in order to save her gospel career, LaTocha Scott- Bivens broke down in tears while on her apology tour.

If you've been watching ‘SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B’, in the show's second episode, Tamika claimed her sister LaTocha and her husband, Rocky Bivens, stole $30,000 from Tamika.

The money was Xscape’s royalties from a company called Sound Xchange that Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s mother, Diane, signed the ladies up for ten years before they began filming the series for Bravo and Peacock.

In the same episode Tamika also revealed that she and LaTocha’s mother, Gloria McFarlin, knew that LaTocha and Rocky stole her money.

LaTocha and Rocky have vehemently denied that they stole her money via countless blogs and interviews.

In a scripted YouTube video (I don't know if it was scripted, but based on LaTocha's body language it felt very much like she was reading a teleprompter), LaTocha claimed Tamika never discussed the missing $30,000 until they started filming the reality show. She also vehemently denied stealing the $30K and told her audience that Tamika has a habit of lying about things, stating, “you know how she do.”

In my opinion, it shouldn't matter when she brought up the thievery. The reality is if you stole your sister's money (which I believe she did), that's just low down and trifling.

Once Tamika's hand was forced, and she provided receipts that what she was saying was in fact true via her YouTube channel on Wednesday,.

Then on Thursday, LaTocha went on Dish Nation where she recived push back from former So So Def label mate Da Brat, who claimed that back when they used to tour LaTocha may have played a huge part in Kandi being sad all the time.

After everything that has come out within the past few weeks, LaTocha took to her IG live to apologize to all the ladies of Xscape and her own mother.

During the stream, she vowed to “fix” her's and Tamika’s relationship – while still claiming that she doesn’t understand why Tamika keeps saying that she and Rocky stole her “$30,000." She also says she's been reaching out to her sister, but Tamika refuses to talk to her.

LaTocha also addressed the big elephant in the room, which would be the allegations that her husband Rocky fathered a child out of wedlock. YouTuber Tasha K recently had the woman Rocky had an affair with on her show.

LaTocha revealed that she and Rocky are in an open marriage and would like to keep that part of her relationship private.

I'm sorry, but I'm not buying this apology at all. It feels inauthentic and narcissistic, and LaTocha is the worse kind of Christian. The type of Christian who does the devil's work while hiding behind the guise of God.

She wants to blame everyone including us content creators, bloggers and fans for why her personal life is in shambles. Blame that no-good husband of yours and your complicitness.

Yes this tea may be some juicy grist for my mill, but sis, at some point you need to take accountability for your actions, especially since you signed up to be on a reality show and behave the way you did towards your sister, and three fourths of Xscape.

I also feel like her label may have put her up to this half-assed apology, because who's going to buy a gospel album from someone with more baggage than a conveyor belt at the airport.

I also feel with Tasha K's exclusive interview with Rocky's secret baby mama Unyque Foucha has her spooked and nervous, because she, like Wendy Williams before she wised up, looked the other way while her husband was out laying it low, and spreading it wide with every Trina, Dickalina and Harrieta.

The difference between LaTocha and Wendy is, that the latter finally left her shady ass husband/ex-manager after he brought a baby into the world, something I don't see LaTocha having the strength to do.

I won't be surprised if more women come out of the woodwork revealing they slept with Rocky.

I also feel that LaTocha wants Tamika to stop going to social media because she wants to control the narrative, and she's embarrassed.

When you are in a situation where you refuse to acknoledge that your sister is hurting, and that you threatened to expose your sister's sex tape to the world, sometimes spilling your tea on TV and social media is the only way your voice can be heard.

Watching the reality show, Tamika came across as the black sheep of the family, and from what I could see LaTocha has gone out of her way to present herself as the family golden child.

Just because you're the oldest doesn't mean that you can't be checked when you're wrong or up to some shady mess.

In the video she talks about all of this drama is over her wanting to sing to the lord. I'm sure that's not it. First of all, God don't like ugly - and all this tea that's spilling all over the carpet is your karma.

There's nothing wrong with someone wanting solo aspirations. The issue is how you and your husband went about getting your solo deal. That's the problem the other women have with you.

They feel that you tend to use the hype of Xscape to piggyback off of your own personal endeavors, and to me that's shady.

I have followed this group for three decades, and your energy has always been that you feel you are Beyonce, and the other ladies are supposed to be LaTavia, Letoya and Farrah.

Now I'll say this one final thing - Tocha girl, with all these allegations of you lying, stealing and double-dealing, and your husband out here laying it low and spreading it wide, you don't need a gospel record. You need to drop your Mary J Blige "No More Drama" kind of record, because you are full of the drama.

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