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Tiffany Haddish Gets Emotional Defending Israel Trip, Says She's 'All Alone'

Tiffany Haddish has sparked uproar online with her Israel trip, with the visit causing the comedian to lose over 14,000 Instagram followers in less than 12 hours.

via: TMZ

Tiffany Haddish says she's in Israel to observe for herself what's going on in Gaza -- and she actually got choked up in defending herself against her harshest critics.

The actress/comedian joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday all the way from the holy land ... telling us how her visit is already educating her on the war in the Middle East -- and opening her eyes beyond what she's read in the news or seen online.

Tiffany says she wanted to take it all in for herself and experience what's happening on the ground ... because she doesn't tend to believe everything she sees/reads on the internet.

So what has Tiffany learned? Well, she says folks were dragged from their homes and taken hostage during the Oct. 7 Hamas attack -- not just that, but she explains how people were killed and kidnapped at a music festival that day too ... noting that while hundreds of hostages have been released since October, hundreds more still remain in captivity.

Tiffany -- who landed Tuesday in Israel -- tells us she's also there to see and weigh the scope of Israel's retaliation against Hamas ... which has left over 30,000 Palestinians dead.

It's a complicated situation, of course, with lots of religion and politics involved ... but Tiffany says the biggest thing to her is the human aspect -- and she wants peace on both sides.

While Tiffany confirmed she has Jewish ancestry 5 years ago via DNA testing, she tells us she's not only concerned about Jewish people in Gaza ... she's also worried about the Palestinians. And she insists ... that shouldn't be lost on anyone who's critical of her.

Tiffany says it's important to remember there are human beings and families at the center of all of this ... and that's who she wants to connect with -- and hear from -- on her visit.

We also asked Tiffany about some of the backlash she's getting for a video she recorded from the plane on her way to Israel -- and that's where you can hear her fighting back tears.

Tiffany got emotional defending her jokes about finding a husband over there -- something she quipped about on IG Live as she was flying over earlier this week -- and says she's got the courage to do something lots of single women wouldn't do on their own.

Emphasis on that last part ... Tiffany tells us she's all alone in this world, and it's heartbreaking. It's an interesting convo ... and Tiff tells us why she's following her instincts.

I don't know if by her going to Israel that she will educate herself on what's really happening, especially with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu massacring thousands of Palestinians for almost five months straight since this longstanding Israel-Hamas war made national news in October.

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