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Tina Knowles Reveals Why Beyonce Educating Her Fans Through Music Can Scare Her As A Mother

Celebrity mom Tina Knowles remains protective of her children, despite them being grown and famous.

Tina Knowles says that her daughter Beyonce's commitment to educating her fanbase through her music can scare her at times. Appearing on the Naked Beauty podcast, Knowles recalled Beyonce's iconic performance at Coachella in 2018, which she later documented for the film, Homecoming.

"What I'm so proud of that Beyonce does constantly-- whether it was Black Is King, showing African culture in such a beautiful, royal way-- and she gets a lot of heat for it all the time. She's always pushing the envelope and making conversation happen. And I remember her telling me at Coachella, because I was like, 'I don't think those people got it tonight.' I was in the front and I was like, 'When you start doing all that fraternity stuff,' I was like, 'They were looking so confused,' and I was like, 'This girl came and asked me, was the Black national anthem your new single.' And I said, 'They not getting it. You not connecting and I'm really worried.'"

From there, she recalled Beyonce saying, "'Mom, some people will get it today, some people will get it next week, some people will get it next year, but I want them to go research what that is, what that means, and I want them to understand it and create conversation. I feel like I was put on this earth to do that. Not just to be an entertainer but to ring the bell and get people educated.'" Knowles added that it makes her scared as a mother for her daughter to be handling it all.

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