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TJ Holmes & Amy Robach Reportedly Pissed Exes Romance Is Overshadowing Podcast

After the exes of TJ Holmes and Amy Robach revealed that they are a couple, word on the street is that the fired GMA co-anchors are pissed that Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig have overshadowed their podcast.

A source told Page Six that Robach is “livid” with both Page Six and ex-husband Shue after we broke the news that he and Fiebig have been dating for six months.

We’re told she “thinks her ex is trying to steal her thunder.”

“She’s convinced he did this to coincide with the debut of her podcast,” they said.

(A source said it would be unlike him to leak the story. “Andrew doesn’t steal the spotlight,” they said. “He’s so private. That’s not who he is.”)

“T.J. and Amy will have to address the story [about their exes dating] because they will still want to keep themselves in the news.”

“They must be so angry! [The news] stomped all over their big podcast debut,” said an industry insider who knows Holmes and Robach.

Holmes and Robach premiered the podcast on the first anniversary of their being ousted from their dream jobs anchoring the third hour of ABC News’ “Good Morning America.”

Meanwhile, other sources have told us that Robach’s own friends are turned off by the podcast and her “narcissistic behavior.”

“The self-importance and the fascination with themselves and thinking everyone is [rooting for them] … it’s just tone-deaf,” a source said.

Robach said on the first episode of the podcast that longtime pal and former ABC colleague Sara Haines of “The View” supported her during the fallout from the affair.

Robach said that “there were days when I wanted to die” but that Haines “was an absolute pleasure.”

“She said, ‘I’m going to keep texting you, I’m going to keep checking in on you,'” Robach revealed, adding that Haines was “one of the people who wouldn’t stop texting me, even when I didn’t respond.”

Holmes said of ABC, “They’re probably going to fire her after this airs.”

She said she didn’t want to “bring [Haines] down with us.”

“I don’t want to necessarily do that, but she was incredible. She and I have been friends for 15 years,” Robach added.

Hanes doesn’t need to worry, though.

A network insider told us, “Sara’s job is not in jeopardy for having concern for her longtime friend when she needed it.”

As for Holmes, he revealed he coped with their scandal by pounding vodka and edibles.

No shade, but no one asked for your lame ass podcast. These two are basically using their affair at GMA to garner interest in their show.

The moment I heard rumblings a while back that a podcast between the couple was in the works I felt in my gut it wasn't a good idea. I don't think they can blame their exes for overshadowing their show. In my opinion these two just aren't interesting.

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