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Infamous queer pop artist Todrick Hall, who is currently on tour promoting his Femuline album has just announced that he is releasing his seventh abum entitled Algorhythm on June 1 via Frtyfve.

Speaking of the album’s direction, Todrick said: “Algorhythm is an 80s inspired record that while still being on brand with my most popular work, it reveals a side of my voice I have never accessed in my previous music. I want this album to get back to good traditional music, no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors, just great music, beats and rhythms. My goal is not to create a replica of 80s music but an evolution of my music infused with 80s nostalgic instrumentation.”

Highlighted by fluorescent synths and Todrick’s rich soulful vocals, Dance Forever’ is the glittery descendent of Prince and The Revolution’s Purple Rain album and Patti Labelle’s ‘New Attitude’. The track is produced by Jeeve, who has worked with Giorgio Moroder and produced Todrick’s 2021 album Femuline.

The anthemic track, designed for late night drives in your DeLorean, is co-written by Todrick. The song is all about living in the moment and getting lost in the rapture of dance.

Todrick said: “This song, while strongly inspired by the 80s, is a timeless dance song that makes you want to get up and move the second you reach the first pre-chorus. I wanted to feel like you put Paula Abdul, with a touch of Prince and a sprinkle of Michael Jackson or Disney’s Powerline in a musical blender.”

He adds,“I also wanted to create a song that all ages could enjoy. I hope to see this song on dance television shows, in kids dance recitals and movies. I’m very excited for the world to put movement to the first song of the new Todrick era.”

After listening to the song, I have to say I’m not impressed at all. I feel like Todrick is trying to sing in a register that his chords aren’t built for. While there is definitely some 80s influence sonically, I don’t feel that he is delivering the sass that someone like Prince and Patti LaBelle would deliver effortlessly.

If you want to hear some fierce 80’s-inspired pop, check out The Weeknd’s Dawn FM album, and Sam Sparro’s Boombox Eternal album.

Check out his new single Dance Forever below…

Dance Forever

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