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Todrick Hall Announces New Album Jim

RuPaul isn't the only queen releasing music on January 6th.

Less than 24 hours after appearing on the RuPaul's Drag Race season 15 red carpet in New York to promote his new MTV reality show The Real Friends of WeHo, Todrick Hall has decided to channel his inner-Olivia Newton-John and has dropped a new workout album entitled Jim.

"My first of 13 albums this year is OUT NOW!," he wrote on Instagram. "So many of you tell me that you use my music to work out, so I made an album to remind you of the Bad Bitch You Are while you’re at home, jogging, at the gym or even just trying to get over your ex. Stream “Jim” Now and let me know in the comments which song is your favorite! Let’s start 2023 off right. YOU GOT THIS!!!"

While I get the need for instant consumption, but since we're in the era where people have the attention span of a nat, do we really need 13 albums in one year?

Will you guys be checking out Todrick's new album? Sound off in the comments.

Also, be sure to check out the full track list and take a listen to Baddest Bitch Alive and You Got This below...

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