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Todrick Hall Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit From Former Assistant

Singer and reality star Todrick Hall has settled his lawsuit against his former assistant who has accused the "Raining Fellas" artist of sexual harassment.

According to court documents, Hall’s former assistant sued the entertainer in November 2022. The unidentified man used the pseudonym John Doe to bring the lawsuit.

In the suit Hall was accused of various labor code violations, including failing to pay minimum wages, discrimination, harassment, failure to prevent harassment, and wrongful termination.

John Doe worked as Hall's executive assistant from May 2021 “until his wrongful termination” on July 29, 2021. Doe's duties included overseeing Hall’s schedule, coordinating travel, organizing personal events, and various tasks.

Doe says Hall agreed to pay him $1,400 per week. However, he says Hall “regularly failed to” pay him full wages, “instead paying him lesser amounts along with promises to later pay his back wages. Specifically, Hall would make statements to Plaintiff such as, “I know I need to pay you,” and promise to pay Plaintiff his back wages “later,” after certain “money comes in.”

Doe said despite not paying him due wages, Hall and his company “forced” him to work excessive amounts of overtime. He claimed to have worked 54 to 84 hours per week, and says he was “only paid a total of $5,200 via Apple Pay and check — averaging $433 per week.

He also says he was not reimbursed for expenses. He claimed Hall told him he was struggling financially and that “money was tight." The assistant claimed Hall would give him cash to deposit in the assistant’s bank account.

In addition, he said he was improperly denied payments for rest and meal breaks.

Doe said Hall then used his account to pay his bills but the money did not always cover the expenses. The assistant said he “ended up paying some of Hall’s and the Company’s expenses out of his own pocket.”

This isn't the only lawsuit Hall has pending. In June 2023, he was sued by Showroom Interiors for $126,000. The company claimed that they delivered furniture to Todrick in 2021 at his home and he never paid the bill in full. And in March 2022, Todrick was sued for $60,000 by his landlords. They claimed that he owed them the aformentioned amount of money in back rent.

I know it's not easy to be an independent artist, but if you don't have the coins to pay your employees, maybe you need not have an assistant.

Another one of Todrick's former assistants Tommy McKissock has spoken out about Todrick's recent lawsuit. Hear what he has to say below...

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