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Tommie Lee's Production Team Accused Of Drugging Contestant

Tommie Lee is calling cap against accusations from a contestant who says they were drugged while auditioning for Zeus series Who's Next.

Lee responded to the claims by defending her team in DMs with the man. She says that he voluntarily took shots behind the scenes, and it doesn’t amount to anything serious.

The man began his post by reminiscing about another time he felt he was a victim. He continued: “I went to the show to audition when I arrived I seen it wasnt my style but there was amazing talent there. I was offered a seat in the theater to enjoy the show with the rest of the audience. 20 mins after her production team is coming out passing everyone shots of patron. About 30-45 mins after those shots many people in the theater start to feel hot or like they were going to pass out. I then become one of them, instead of finishing the show I left because I started to feel like I was going to pass out. I got in my car and tried to drive home and immediately start hallucinating. My vision was super blurry and everything had a green tint to it. I kept thinking in my head ‘omg why do I feeel like this am I going to die.’”

From there, the man explained that he pulled over at a nearby gas station and had his sister come to pick him up. “This was a very traumatic experience for me. I almost lost my life, running in the street in between cars, because I didn’t know what was going on. I tried to reach out to her to see if others may have been affected as well, never did I blame her because her team gave the shots but for one that was never my get down! She then tries to victimize me and make me feel embarrassed for accepting the drink from her team.” In response to his accusation, Lee wrote back in their DMs: “Nobody tried to drug you if you took what they offered you luv sis you see me taking anything from anyone we're grown know what you're taking I didn't know anyone there outside of my team and none of us would never it was a dry set for a reason but learn from this in the future stop taking any and everything you're offered it could cost you your life glad your ok.”

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