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Trailer Trash: Drag Den

It seems like forever (with forever being a year and some change ago) that it was announced that a new drag competition series based in the Philippines called Drag Den was in the works.

While we were waiting on when the Manila Luzon-hosted series would finally make the airwaves, World of Wonder fast tracked a spin-off of their own - Drag Race Philippines - back in August with Drag Race alum Jiggly Caliente as a judge.

Now we have word on what Drag Den is all about and when the series will finally air.

Drag Den is set to launch on Amazon Prime December 8, 2022. Eight queens will compete with Manila Luzon serving as "drag lord," Sassa Gurl as "drag runner," and Nicole Cordoves as "drag dealer."

The queens are all vying for the title of "First-Ever Filipino Drag Supreme."

According to reports, Drag Den will not follow the same tired format as Drag Race, but might instead be more akin to Chile's The Switch, a unique show in the Drag Race franchise. As opposed to just showing footage from the Werk Room and Main Stage, some have said that Drag Den will also have the contestants all living in one house and will show viewers their lives there, as well. This would also fall more in line with America's Next Top Model, which Drag Race was originally inspired by.

Check out the trailer below...

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