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Oz eat your heart out, because Raging Stallion is pulling out all the stops with the trailer for their new epic nine-part series Ride or Die.

Here’s what Raging Stallion Studios had to say about their historical series in a press release:

Raging Stallion Studios today announced the launch of its groundbreaking, nine-episode original action-drama, RIDE OR DIE, premiering March 10 at High stakes and higher sex drives fuel this explosive original series that goes for the throat and doesn’t let up until the very last frame.

A groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind, scripted dramatic narrative series directed by award-winner Tony Dimarco and written by talented scribe Ben Rush, RIDE OR DIE promises to be one of the most-watched and celebrated gay porn productions ever released. The first two episodes debut on March 10 and March 11 respectively, with subsequent episodes for Part 1 (Episodes 3-5) releasing each week through April 1. Part 2 (Episodes 6-9) begins releasing weekly on April 22.

I can’t post the trailer here, because this is a family website. However you can watch the full trailer here

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