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Trailer Trash: Ryan Kwanten Is Trapped In A Rest Stop Bathroom in Horror Film Glorious

Shudder has unleashed the trailer for Glorious, a twisted Lovecraftian horror film starring Ryan Kwanten (True Blood).

Glorious, which mostly takes place at a rest stop bathroom stars Kwanten as Wes, who spirals out of control after a bad breakup with his girlfriend, and ends up at a rest stop. Upon entering the bathroom, he comes across someone in one of the stalls, which happens to be inhabited by a god (J.K. Simmons) who, from the look of the trailer, wants him to engage in some sort of sex act through the glory hole allegedly in order to save all of humanity.

"He is definitely down on his luck when the movie opens," director Rebekah McKendry (All the Creatures Were Stirring) revealed to EW of Kwanten's character. "He just had some type of falling out with his girlfriend, and has driven with all of his worldly possessions in tow, and gets to a rest stop, and decides to get drunk and burn everything. The next morning, he rushes to the bathroom to throw up and there is a god in the stall next to him and the god has a favor to ask."

This has to be the weirdest trailer I've ever seen, and since I am a subscriber to Shudder, and a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, I'll definitely be watching Glorious when it premieres on Shudder August 18.

Check out the trailer below...

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