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Trina Claps Back At Critics For Saying Beyoncé Is The No. 1 Female Rapper

Trina is standing ten toes down on her opinion regarding her calling pop music legend Beyoncé the 'Queen of Rap.

via Complex:

During a conversation at the One Music Festival, Trina was asked why she thinks there are so many popular women rappers right now.

“Yeah, Beyoncé,” she answered without hesitation. “‘Cause she’s like the number one female rapper when she does rap.” Trina continued, “When you hear her do a song and it’s rapping involved, it’s just like, ‘Oh my god.’ It’s more inspiration.”

Nicki Minaj fans didn’t take kindly to Trina giving Bey the “queen of rap” title. One Barb quote-tweeted Trina’s clip, recalling that Trina was “doing Nicki tributes when Nicki was still a rookie,” and included a video of Trina rapping Nicki’s 2010 song “Moment 4 Life.”

Trina caught wind of the uproar surrounding her comments on Thursday, doubling down on her opinion in an Instagram post. She also pointed out that she made those remarks in late October when the One Music Festival took place.

“I really don’t give a rats ass how anybody feels, I said what I said,” she captioned a photo of Beyoncé. “That’s the Queen Bey and I’m gonna STAN on that. Beyoncé is the Queen of rap (when she raps) and all genres of music when it comes to me?? Go argue with the IRS or somebody else, I don’t care.”

Shortly after Trina's comment went viral and started an online war between the BeyHive and the Barbz, her cousin Bobby Lytes took to social media to defend his cousin.

As I stated in the previous post regarding this topic, I got what Trina meant when she said Bey is the No. 1 rapper whenever she applies herself. However, I feel she didn't articulate this well.

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