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Troye Sivan Bares All On Something To Give Each Other Artwork

Out pop singer Troye Sivan is amping up the sex appeal on new promotional artwork for his upcoming album Something To Get Each Other.

The ten track album opens with an extended version of his hit summer single Rush, and also includes latest single Got Me Started, where he also appears nude in the music video.

He also has a collaboration with Spanish singer-songwriter Guitarricadelafuente called “In My Room,” and “What’s The Time Where You Are?”, a track the singer teased on Twitter on Thursday (October 5).

I have to say I am loving the songs Troye has been releasing thus far, and I must say I love that he's leaning more into his queerness both sonically and lyrically.

I also love the fact that he's not afraid to get butt naked in order to bring attention to his music, although I must say it's giving me Corbin Fisher/Sean Cody teas with that pose.

Something To Give Each Other drops everywhere on October 13.

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