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Troye Sivan Gags Fans By Getting Into Drag For Racy One Of Your Girls Music Video

Troye Sivan serves full on tuna guiche and gives hot actor Ross Lynch a lap dance in the visual for his third single One Of Your Girls.

I was not expecting for Troye to get all dolled up in drag, and have his pretty mug beat for the gods, but I must say he makes one convincing girl.

“One of Your Girls” also includes iconique lyrics like “Give me a call if you ever get lonely, I’ll be like one of your girls or your homies” and “You should ensure that waist with the highest policy you can get,” to name a few.

In an interview with PEOPLE, SIvan talked about the song's origins, which is about him hooking up with guys that identify as straight, which would then leave the singer feeling empty afterwards.

"I repeatedly found myself in this situation," Sivan, 28, tells PEOPLE during Spotify's Something to Give Each Other listening party at Outer Heaven in New York City. "'One of Your Girls' is really me psychoanalyzing myself about, like, why is that something that was interesting to me?"

After nights spent with men who enjoyed connecting with Sivan but didn't identify as gay, he felt they shared a special bond in a "safe space" to explore. "And then other times I would feel really empty afterwards, or feel like the secret — or feel ready to throw myself in, and maybe that wasn't what they were ready to do," he explains.

Sivan didn't look to deem the situations good or bad while writing "One of Your Girls," because many of them were ultimately positive meetings. Instead, he wanted to figure out what was attracting him to queer-curious men, eventually realizing it may stem from his own internalized homophobia.

"A lot of the boys that song is about, I feel like they probably would've bullied me in high school, and now here they are paying me attention," he says. "So, at the sacrifice of my own self-worth, I'm throwing myself at them, and then you're really just at their beck and call, and that can sometimes not feel so great."

When it came time to dream up the music video's concept, the "Rush" musician wanted to create a "fantasy version" of himself in order to morph into the type of person these men generally wanted to spend time with: a conventionally gorgeous woman.

"It was really just reflective of how I felt I was bending and changing my values or my self-worth for someone else," says Sivan. "It's like, slay, there's this performance from a pop-star-girl version of me. But towards the end of the video, I think you really can see the vulnerability and the cracks that this isn't going to work."

While looking for the perfect man to play the role of his seemingly straight romantic partner, Sivan looked to Lynch, 27, whose shirtless photos frequently go viral on social media. "The song is written so adoringly about these guys that everyone is obsessed with — and everyone's obsessed with Ross," he says. "I needed someone who's representative of the general population's thirst, and he's the perfect guy."

Gay Twitter voiced their opinions on the visual once they picked their jaws up off the floor.

“Troye Sivan in drag…. feeling exponentially gay,” one viewer tweeted.

“Troye Sivan giving Ross Lynch a lap dance in drag is so iconic,” wrote a second.

Troye's previous albums have always been a bit too mellow for my taste at times, but I have to admit he is definitely slaying the game with the pop perfection that is his third album, Something To Give Each Other.

I'm also enjoying the three videos he released, and the well crafted promo behind the album.Troye definitely has a great team working behind him.

Check out the video below, and if you haven't already be sure to stream his latest album which is out now.


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