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Tyrese Addresses Rickey Smiley For Speaking On Brian McKnight‘s Children

Tyrese is weighing in after Rickey Smiley sent a message of support to Brian McKnight‘s “disowned” children.

After McKnight went viral for saying one of his children was “born out of evil," Smiley posted a message on social media attempting to reach out in support of the kids. Tyrese says it's “unfair” for Smiley to weigh in on the family's “specific dynamic.”

In the caption, Tyrese wrote: “He uploaded the video chiming in to the ongoing issue with Brian McKnight and his family. I’m not addressing Brian or his wife, that’s not my business. I’m just responding to a comment that Ricky Smiley made… Ricky Smiley… It’s gloves off let’s have a grown conversation about these dynamics…” In the video, he added: "There have been specific things done over the years that are nobody’s business that has contributed to where they are... Man, kids out here be saying some f****d up s**t, bruh… Kids out here be going above and beyond to cross you. I do not what that man… or his kids.. or anything about anything.” He concluded: “What I am talking about is I feel like it is not fair to act as if relationships between men and their children… can’t fall apart."

Smiley captioned his post: “I want the adult children of #BrianMcKnight who’ve been #disowned to know they have a lot of support out here, you are not thrown away.” Despite Tyrese being unhappy with the comments, Brian McKnight Jr. responded to the post positively. “I really appreciate this man! All we can do is pray for that man now,” he wrote back to Smiley.

Tyrese needs to be concerning himself with his own baby mama drama instead of inserting himself in other people's family dynamics.

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