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Usher, Zendaya, Beyoncé, Called Out For “Stealing” Songwriting Credits

Beyoncé reportedly takes 25% of publishing rights.

via: Vibe

On Monday (Feb. 19), songwriter Tiffany Red uploaded a video to social media calling out singers for their “unfair” business practices. 

The Spain-born writer initially began calling out many artists who received credit for writing a song when they factually didn’t partake in the writing process. Tiffany listed Tamar Braxton, Zendaya, and Sevyn Streeter for taking percentages of publishing that weren’t “rightfully” theirs.

The outspoken artist then called on Beyoncé to modernize her music business. While she did admit that she has never worked with Yoncé, Red asserted that it was because she heard about her unfair practices.

“The reason I called out Beyoncé is because Beyoncé is the Michael Jackson of our generation,” she said. “I talked to somebody yesterday who’s the manager of somebody who’s a writer and producer on Renaissance. The record is one of y’all faves. The song was written six years before it got to Beyoncé. She got 25 percent of the song.

“I spoke to another writer who wrote and sang on one of y’all favorite songs. Credit not right, his business all f**ked up. Beyoncé was on tour last year with that record with that person’s vocals…The reason why people who work for Beyoncé don’t talk is they’re all on NDAs. Because that’s how she works. She silences people so that nobody can speak.”

She then attacked Bey’s alleged predatory business practices. Tiffany Red expressed that her way of working was founded on outdated “power dynamics” within the music industry. Tiffany stated that while Bey is a representation of “Black Excellence,” she exploits her Black songwriters and puts their livelihoods in danger. 

Then Red included a now-deleted screenshot of a conversation between herself and a writer. According to Black Enterprise, the writer allegedly wrote for Bey and Usher. After Tiffany was shocked at an artist taking 30% of the publishing, she asked, “Who taking 30?! That’s so much.” The person disclosed that that percentage was set aside for Knowles-Carter. “Beyoncé and Usher,” they responded. “I was told when I 1st worked with her it’s 30 off the top, and she’s taking production. Usher is 25% off top.”

Red continued her onslaught across social media, hoping that Bey would do the right thing on her next album, Act II.

“My hope is that on Act II Beyoncé will #PaySongwriters a songwriter fee and master points and not take publishing or songwriting credit on any songs she did not write.”

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