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Video: Kylie Minogue - Tension

Three months after Mother Minogue took the world by storm with the huge, unexpected success of Padam Padam, the pop music icon has graced our presence with her 16th album's second single Tension, which is also the name of her forthcoming album.

The song features a mixture of sonic styles, from 90s house, to Girls Aloud-esque girl group harmonies and even some futurustic robotic vocals. On paper it sounds like all the ideas wouldn't work, but for some god forsaken reason it all does.

As for the song's accompanying music video, which was directed by her frequent collaborator Sophie Muller, the visual has received comparisons to one of my favorite sci-fi classic films Blade Runner with its retro-futuristic aesthetic and avant-garde style.

The 55-year-old pop icon dons a variety of bold, fierce and daring looks, including a few that leave her looking almost unrecognisable compared to her usual self.

One look sees the star sporting platinum white hair with black lipstick and a smokey eye.

In another ensemble, Kylie rocks a bright red wig with bangs and a sparkly mini-dress as she shimmers on screen.

We even get Kylie dressed up as a Vegas showgirl, which is a look she donned during her Showgirl tour, but since she is officially kicking off a residency in Vegas the look is even more prominent.

Kylie even dances up a storm, and not only exudes some ferocious confidence throughout the visual, but she shows off her famous derrière, which we used to see during her SexKylie era.

As for the shady ass industry and their obvious ageism, you and certain British radio stations can keep on trying to put road blocks in front of her accolades, but one thing that cannot be denied is the power of a good song, visuals, and the artist's global impact.

So either take a piss or get off the pot because the fans and the gays determine the future of music. Labels and radio stations no longer have the control over what we the consumers listen to and will support.

I've also seen some of the comments regarding the song, which has left some Kylie fans, While some are praising the outside-the-box electro-house track, some are calling it a grower or just flat out hating it.

As for me I will agree that the song is quite different than what we're used to getting from Kylie, and as someone who has been a Kylie fan since her Stock, Aiken, & Waterman days, while she understands her bread and butter will always be in the dance/pop world, I appreciate that Kylie's not afraid to take risks with her sound, and isn't willing to give you the same four-on-the-floor beat to satisfy your basic pop tastes.

Kylie's new album Tension will be released on 22 September 2023 by BMG Rights Management and Minogue's company, Darenote.

Check out the video below...

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