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Video: Lil Nas X - J Christ

After much hype, Lil Nas X has finally released the visual for "J Christ," which is also the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore album.

Throughout the video LNX gets strapped to a cross, plays basketball against the devil, the fashions were giving (especially the chrome mask he's seen wearing at the Met gala), and I was living for the celebrity impersonators (Taylor Swift, Koonye West, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, former President Barack Obama) that were lining up on the celestial stairwell to get into heaven.

I also gagged when I saw my girl Ts Madison in the video as well.

As for the song, I thought it was ok for a first single. It's not a song I will be keeping on repeat like Ariana's and JLo's new single. I will say the video overshadows the song, and it will definitely spark conversations on social media regarding religion and it's many hypocrisies.

No word on when he will be releasing his sophomore album, but you can check out the video for J Christ below...

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