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On Friday Swedish pop singer Tove Lo surprised fans by releasing eight new songs as part of the Paw Print Edition of her 2019 release Sunshine Kitty. She followed up said release with the visual for Sadder Badder Cooler, which is about reaching the end of your rope in a relationship.

Here’s what she said inspired the track, which was produced by ELVIRA: “Elvira Anderfjärd and I wrote ‘Sadder Badder Cooler’ after going deep about how every heartbreak kind of chips away a little piece of you, but it also gives you power if you let it,” she reveals. “And how breaking it off with someone who’s bad to you is always a mixed feeling of sadness, anger and big relief. This song to me is full of glitter and power.”

If you haven’t already, get your copy of the Paw Prints Edition, which includes new tracks “Bikini Porn,” “I’m Coming” and many other gems, here. Check out the video to “Sadder Badder Cooler” below.

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