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Viola Davis Says She Wants To Battle Zombies

Viola Davis may be an EGOT winner and all, but there's one dream role she says she's dying to take on - that of a zombie killer.

via: Complex

Speaking with IndieWire this week at the 48th Chaplin Award Gala, Davis—who can currently be seen as Deloris Jordan in Ben Affleck’s Air—said she “would love” to go the zombie route in the future.

“Listen, I would love to do a zombie movie,” she said. “I’m not gonna kid. Now, I say that and in shooting it, I don’t know if I could distinguish between the real and the fiction. Because if someone was running at me as a zombie, I don’t know—you may hear some things.”

Detailing her zombie hopes further, Davis cited Train to Busan as an example of the type of film she would want to do.

“I want my version of Train to Busan,” she said. “I wanna fight zombies. That’s what I want to do.”

I absolutely loved her in The Woman King, and I definitely think Viola would look pretty cool as a Michonne-type warrior slaying zombies or vampires.

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