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Watch: Usher Brings Out Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Lil Jon & More for Mega-Medley Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance [Video]

Usher finally got to have his big moment last night during the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, and the R&B/pop titan did not disappoint.

The singer performed for 15 minutes, and serenaded the crowd as well as millions of viewers with hits “Yeah,” “U Got It Bad,” “Bad Girl,” “Superstar,” “Caught Up, “Burn,” “OMG,” and more.

He also repped the ATL by bringing out H.E.R. (who at first I thought was North West), Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Will,i,Am, Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris.

I saw some people complaining online that they found the performance boring, and that he didn't give all of the hits they were expecting. Speaking of expectations, what were you expecting when Halftime only allows you a short window to perform, and lest we forget Usher's catalog spans over two decades.

He may have hit every mark with his performance, but he wasn't going to give you every song. If that's what you want he is going on tour this summer.

I did see that Gen X and millennials were definitely picking up what Usher was putting down, especially since Usher (who was born in 1978) is part of Gen X. Gen X, millennials and xennials have grown up with Ursh, so they were definitely feeling his presence on stage.

I don't know how Gen Z and Gen Alpha felt, but I did see some people complaining that it was "too hip hop" or that they wanted a female performer. I love my divas like the next homosexual, but we need to let other people shine besides the same typical female pop acts y'all be asking for every year. As for the "too hip hop" comment, I detect a bit of racism.

If there are some interesting white people dominating the music space then they need to step up and want to do Halftime next year.

Everyone keeps mentioning Taylor Swift, but she continues to turn down the offer.

So in case you missed it, check out Usher's Super Bowl Halftime performance below...

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