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Wendy Williams Accused Of Abandoning Dad By Brother Tommy

Wendy Williams brother Tommy is calling out his sister and is accusing her of abandoning their elderly father.

In a new interview, Tommy accused the former daytime queen of “abandoning” their father Thomas Williams Sr.

In an article published by The Sun on Monday, November 28, Tommy claimed, “Wendy hasn’t been in communication the way we anticipated. Everybody’s able to kind of shrug it off, but it’s painful when it comes to her father, it’s painful.” He wistfully noted, “I think it’s necessary for her to see him and let him know what her status is, but she doesn’t communicate with him.”

The younger sibling then said of their father, “He’s 92 in February, and he’s in great shape, but she’s really missing out.” He continued, “It is more painful because this is the month of our mother’s passing, and now she hasn’t progressed with her relationship with her father. I can’t understand it,” before stressing, “It’s really Wendy’s loss.”

“We’ll see what the holidays bring,” Tommy told the outlet, seemingly hoping that Wendy can fix her broken bond with the family. “If a sporadic trip to Florida pops up fantastic, but I imagine that it won’t because if she was coming the normal behavior is to communicate…to let someone know you’re coming down for the holidays,” Tommy added.

Tommy went on to say that he tries not to bring his sister up in conversation with their father as it’s become a painful subject. “I’m thinking about Wendy, and I know if I’m thinking about Wendy…he’s thinking about Wendy, too. I don’t want to bring in any depression. When I ask if he’s heard from her and he says ‘No,’ I can see the pain in his eyes,” he shared.

“This is the holidays…this is the point where I’m going to be on the attack and lambasting her behavior,” Tommy explained, before reasoning, “Because the biggest gift my father could have is knowing his daughter is doing okay…or at least what the official status is of Wendy.”

“I’m frustrated because as days go in, days go out,” Tommy admitted. He further elaborated that “the absence is the big monster in the room and all Wendy has to do is show up. She wouldn’t have to do anything, say anything, don’t come bearing gifts…just be a family member.”

Wendy was last photographed with her father celebrating his 91st birthday in Florida in February. In the pictures, the former “The Wendy Williams Show” host appeared to be in good spirits in the pictures, holding her father’s hand while having a lighthearted conversation with him. Her dad also appeared to be delighted with her presence as he flashed a smile during the chat. “Daddy’s 91st birthday! Enjoying it in the most relaxing way possible,” read the caption of the post.

Earlier this month, Wendy’s brother Tommy said he believes his sister is still surrounded by “evil-doers,” noting that she’s been out of touch with her family since completing her rehab stint. “I have no belief that Wendy is doing as well as she was doing when she was down here, in Florida,” he said, “I know there are evil-doers lurking about.”

“To be honest, I want to talk to Wendy and talk her off the ledge of whatever she is doing. I’m simple and I speak the truth,” Tommy stated. He further explained his goodwill, “I’m hoping in my truthfulness on what she’s doing, maybe she’ll come back out, maybe she’ll poke her head out. And if she does, I want to say to her, ‘Let’s get to work on this thing, let’s stop wasting time.’ “

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