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Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Kelvin Hunter "Furious" Over Lifetime Docuseries

Wendy Williams’ former husband, Kelvin Hunter, has reportedly expressed feelings of being blindsided and furious upon learning about his son’s involvement in the upcoming Lifetime docuseries, “Where is Wendy Williams?”

In an unexpected turn of events, Wendy Williams’ former husband expresses his intense anger and disappointment regarding the new Lifetime documentary about the troubled talk show host, has learned.

The documentary, titled Where is Wendy Williams? has caused a ripple of shock throughout Wendy’s inner circle, leaving Kevin blindsided and deeply concerned about the impact it will have on her legacy.

Kevin, 51, was caught off guard when he watched the trailer for the documentary and witnessed how his ex-wife was depicted.

An insider in Wendy’s inner circle told the U.S. Sun that Kevin felt deeply disappointed and blindsided by what he saw, stating, “He found the scene in the trailer showing Wendy yelling over a bottle of vodka and appearing disoriented in the middle of New York City were ‘very sad’ to see.”

From the very beginning, Kevin was against the making of the documentary, firmly believing that it would further tarnish Wendy’s reputation. The former talk show host left her highly successful show during its 12th season in July 2021 amidst ongoing legal and health battles. Her former husband, known as Big Kev, expressed his concerns about the impact the documentary would have on Wendy and their son, Kevin Jr., who ultimately signed onto the project.

The documentary portrays Wendy’s decline over the years as her health aggravates, both mentally and physically, following the end of her talk show.

One distressing clip shows Wendy in the backseat of a black vehicle, with her face appearing increasingly gaunt. Other scenes show the former radio host struggling to remain upright, requiring assistance to stand, and even stumbling over her words in a video from a Women’s Expo that was never released.

The trailer takes a heartbreaking turn with a confessional-style scene where Wendy, seated in her iconic purple chair, sends a warning message to her fans. She breaks down in tears, clutching a pillow tightly to her chest, reflecting the emotional turmoil she’s been experiencing.

A particularly distressing moment in the trailer shows Wendy, despite her frail condition, telling someone to “keep the bottle there” while lying in bed.

According to advertising, the documentary also reveals Wendy’s disorientation and lack of recognition of her surroundings, even when driving around Manhattan, her home for years.

The two-part documentary chronicling the talk show host’s struggles is set to air on Lifetime on February 24 and 25.

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