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Wendy Williams Marries NYPD Officer, Asks Team To Keep Entire Family Away

Another day, another messy Wendy Williams story. After video surfaced this week of the former talk show host hanging out of a car looking tattered while showing off her jewelry to fans, and allegedly passing out in the Louis Vuitton store, now comes word that Wendy has tied the knot for the third time.

The talk show host shared the shocking tea with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee on Tuesday afternoon (Aug. 2). Though she kept the details of the nuptials underwraps, presumably saving them for her upcoming new podcast, Wendy revealed a few titbits.

Wendy’s new husband is an officer of the law, NYPD to be precise, and his name is Henry. However, she did not say how they met and when their nuptials took place.

Wendy Williams also shared that she is still struggling with financial issues. She explained that her Amex no longer works, but her friends have helped her maintain access to one of her accounts.

While she is making an effort to remain upbeat and stay positive, she is experiencing issues with her family. According to Jason Lee, Wendy said she instructed her team to keep her entire family away from her. The only family member Wendy Williams wants contact with is her 21-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Wendy Williams and her long-time husband and show producer Kevin Hunter finalized their divorce in 2020. The couple separated the year before after Hunter’s mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to a daughter.

The media personality has been out of work since “The Wendy Williams Show” officially ended on June 17, after running for 13 seasons. While she claimed she would return to her old show, she recently revealed plans for a new podcast.

UPDATE: Hours after is was revealed via Jason Lee that Wendy Williams had married for a third time to an NYPD officer named Henry, her manager Will Shelby has come out and denied the claims. However the queen of media is insisting that she is married.

Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee called Wendy and recorded her admitting that she is married and doesn't care who knows.

At this point this goes beyond prayer for Wendy. She needs an intervention,because with all these shenanigans as of late, she is tarnishing the legacy that she's built. Did she at least have the new husband sign a prenup?

I have so many questions, and like I have said many times over, she sounds completely out of it. I'm also curious as to what Wendy's brother Tommy has to say on the matter, since he's always spilling the family tea.

I wish her the best.

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