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Wendy Williams Selling All Her Belongings From $3 Million NYC Penthouse, Allegedly Moving To LA

An unwell Wendy Williams is allegedly selling all her personal items in her $3 million New York City penthouse, and is planning to move to LA.

Wendy Williams is offloading several ticket items from her $3 million penthouse after claiming she was moving to Los Angeles. has learned the ex-talk show host, 58, is selling her beloved goods, including her iconic purple “Hot Topics” chair, but sources doubt she’ll be heading across the country.

“Wendy has been calling people asking them to help sell all her stuff,” an insider told The Sun. “She is asking for recommendations on places that can sell furniture for you.”

A second pal confirmed that Wendy’s selling her stuff, although they don’t believe she’s moving to the West Coast.

“She was asking how to sell her stuff with ‘The Real Real,’ but I don’t think she’s actually moving to Los Angeles,” the friend told Page Six, adding, “She seems so unwell.”

However, her rep scoffed at the speculation, claiming Wendy is binging to make room for bigger and better things.

“Wendy is getting rid of items for spring cleaning, this is what people do this time of year,” Williams’ rep, Shawn Zanotti, revealed in a statement. “It’s a new chapter for Wendy and she wants new things. This is a common gesture people do and Wendy is no different.”

The embattled television personality’s “spring cleaning” comes weeks after she was spotted bar hopping following her rehab stint for “extreme alcohol abuse.”

As reported, sources said Wendy was drinking by herself at Fresco by Scotto in New York City earlier this month, and she was allegedly not hiding her boozing.

An insider claimed she “wanted to get drunk” and invited a group of people — including Naughty But Nice podcast host Rob Shuter — to her table.

Wendy reportedly didn’t want the party to end and suggested the gang barhop to The Townhouse, a gay cocktail bar, where she allegedly asked the doorman, “Do you watch ‘The Wendy Williams Show?’ I’m Wendy Willams.”

The party-goer called her behavior “odd.”

Chiiiile, at this point I'm exhausted talking about Wendy. I just want for her to get her ish together. I do not believe that she' s moving to LA, but, if this turns out to be true, and she's able to find a new lease on life in the west coast, good luck to her.

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