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Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Jr Denies Charging $100k To Mom's AmEx Card

Wendy Williams son Kevin Jr is denying that he charged $100k to his mother's AmEx card before Wells Fargo froze her assets.

The U.S. Sun is reporting it was told by an unnamed insider that her son charged six figures to her main brokerage account, the same one shut down at the top of the year and sending her into a downward spiral defending her mental health.

The Sun reports its unnamed insider claims Kevin Hunter Jr., her only son, charged $100,000 on the media maven’s American Express card at the end of 2021 without her permission, and wanted his advisers to cover up the bill from his mother.

“Kevin was demanding that Wendy’s adviser pay the bill — instead of Wendy,” the source alleged.

The person said, with no one clearly explaining the AmEx charges and Williams’ erratic behavior leading to an altercation between her former attorney LaShawn Thomas in a Wells Fargo bank in Florida days before, red flags were raised, and the bank froze her account.

Hunter Jr. denies these allegations calling them “false.”

“I vehemently deny any allegations of unauthorized use of my mother’s American Express Card,” the 22-year-old said in a statement. “This is a false narrative perpetuated to justify freezing her accounts.”

Thomas also denies intentionally doing anything to get her account blocked, including claims by the bank of “financial exploitation” by the lawyer.

“I met Wendy at the Wells Fargo branch,” Thomas said. “We went into the Wells Fargo branch and we spoke to the branch manager. We told him what was going on.”

Joining Williams and Thomas was Hunter Jr. who wanted to set up an online banking account for his mother to have access to. Also on the agenda was getting copies of Williams’ bank statements that were said to have been sent to the talk show host’s New York residence.

But since they were in Florida, the need was pressing, but Thomas was unable to satisfy her boss’ request.

“Wendy said she wanted to get access to the accounts,” Thomas stated.

The bank manager at the branch allegedly said, according to Thomas, ‘Well, we don’t do that in the retail branch. That’s the Wells Fargo advisers, let me see if I can get somebody on the line.'”

“He called Lori (Lori Schiller, Wendy’s longtime financial adviser). He went into another room and had a conversation with Lori and came out,” Thomas continued to detail. “He said Lori was willing to talk to Wendy, but that she doesn’t want anybody else in the room when she talks to Wendy.

“So Wendy said, ‘No, why can’t she talk to me with my attorney, I can understand if my son has to leave out of the room, but I want to keep my attorney here and Lori said ‘No, I want to talk to Wendy alone,’ and if Wendy doesn’t want to talk to her alone, Lori wouldn’t talk to Wendy.”

The trio then left the bank empty-handed.

The source said this interaction was a huge reason the bank was concerned, zeroing on how many people were now asking for access to her accounts.

A source confirmed the interaction and said that it had caused concern, as it was unusual for Wendy to come into a brokerage office, with people in tow and ask for access to her accounts.

Now, Williams has a financial guardian over her money. The office, according to court filings, was placed in the governance position after the bank was concerned about financial exploitation, suspicion of dementia, and/or undue influence.

Wendy was expected to get access to her account and her AmEx card in July, but due to red tape around the legal proceedings to get access to her money, she is still blocked. Her manager, Will Selby, said he is trying to change that, hoping to ease suspicions about exploitation and too many people getting involved in her financial affairs. He is letting Wells Fargo know “what took place before is not the case now, and that people that were working with Wendy before are no longer working with her.”

As for Hunter Jr., he has been glued to his mother ever since his father left her for another woman. He has especially been close to her during the past year, after she has experienced health challenges, including a short stint in a hospital for a voluntary psychological evaluation.

Tommy Williams, the brother of the “how you doin’” influencer, said things have not always been peachy keen between the mother and son. He says he knows of one time, despite Hunter Jr. flying in to see his mom, she locked him out.

“My nephew is trying to get in there now … to his mother,” the brother said in a YouTube video. “Wendy’s birthday is tomorrow. It should be a great time, a great time for family, a great time for her son, but it’s not. It’s a great time for everybody inside of Wendy’s head.”

“Her son is up there to spend what could be a monumental time with his mother — that is, if she opens the door,” Tommy Williams said.

“My nephew is trying to get in there now to see his mother. He was with me yesterday, we talked about the trip. We smiled and laughed … I was excited for him [to meet Williams] … And now the moment of truth — as beckons to see his mother at the pearly gates — to see Wendy,” he said.

The brother has made over a dozen videos, many in the last month, exclusively dishing on his sister. Few of the videos have made more than one thousand views.

No further comments have been made by Williams or Hunter Jr. about the alleged charges.

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