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Wendy Williams Spotted Drinking At NYC Gay Bar To Celebrate New Things In The Works

It looks like Wendy's attempt at sobriety has been short-lived, because she has been spotted drinking at a New York City gay bar.

Now I've known about this story since Sunday when a friend of mine sent me video footage of Williams at The Townhouse in the west village, but I sat on the story until more details were revealed.

“Wendy has spent most of her life in the public eye, and when is out she likes to acknowledge her fans,” Shawn Zanotti says of Williams’ boozy night out in New York City last Friday.

More specifically, the former daytime talk show host was out “celebrating the new things in her life,” which include several projects such as a podcast and a potential new series, according to the publicist.

“She is happy and wanted to celebrate as she has a new lease on life,” Zanotti continues, adding that Williams loved stopping by Midtown gay bar The Townhouse because she “loves her fans and fully supports the LGBTQ community, which is a big part of her fan base.”

As Page Six exclusively reported Monday, a “lonely” Williams was spotted drinking at Fresco by Scotto, where she was overheard telling her group that she was determined to “get drunk.”

“She kept saying she wanted to get drunk tonight,” a diner told us of the star’s night out on the town.

“She wasn’t hiding [her drinking],” the patron added.

Following a dinner that included a Margherita pizza, Williams and her pals made their way to the cocktail lounge, where the Emmy nominee asked the doorman, “Do you watch ‘The Wendy Williams Show’? I’m Wendy Willams.”

“It was so odd because obviously people know who she is,” a second source told us of the interaction.

Despite any oddities, we heard Williams, 58, was a “hit” once she walked inside the bar.

“She posed for a lot of pictures with all these gay men,” our source said.

Page Six broke the news in September 2022 that Williams checked back into rehab for substance abuse issues.

After nearly two months of treatment in an undisclosed facility — though she’s previously completed a program in Florida and resided in a sober-living facility in New York — she went back home and said she was “better than ever.”

Congrats on whatever new things are on the horizon. I just hope that she's able to balance her personal and private life, which at one point she wasn't able to do.

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