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Whew! Shalon Reacts After Video Surfaces Of Mo’Nique Calling Him Out During A Show: “F**k Them Kids”

Last week, Mo'Nique and her eldest son Sharon went back and forth with each other on social media regarding their fledgling relationship. However, the "comic" took it too far when she cussed out her son during her recent standup performance.

via: Vibe

The stand-up most recently took their issues to the stage, where she joked about their tension and an elder telling her not to back down.

“I’ve already apologized if I’ve done something wrong, but I ain’t no bi**h that’s gon back up from a motherf**king problem. Imma go straight to that motherf**ker and imma deal with it,” she was filmed telling the Atlantic City crowd before describing running into an elderly woman in the airport who offered her some hilarious advice.

“She said, ‘F**k that ni**a,’” Mo said, to uproarious laughter. “Now when an elderly person tell you f**k that ni**a…she said you been taking care of that ni**a all his motherf**king life. She said, ‘Mo’Nique I’m 80 years old and I got a son 60 years old and every time that ni**a don’t get what he wants, he still tell me how f**ked up I was when he was 10 years old. F**k that n***a.”

She later added a “f**k them kids” for good measure.

Unlike his other reactions this past week, Shalon kept his response to Mo’Nique’s on-stage comments light.

In the video, he laughs and says, “Be gone Satan, I rebuke thee in the name of Jesus” in an animated voice.

Meanwhile, the background is dark, his face is not visible and there are three sentences in white text on the screen.

Check out the footage below.

Mo'Nique, you are dead wrong for this, and as a mother you should be ashamed of yourself for behaving like this on stage when you should actually be focusing on telling jokes.

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