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Whoopi Goldberg Says American Idol Was The Beginning Of The Downfall Of Society

Whoopi Goldberg threw a bit of shade at American Idol, calling out the show for its impact on society.

via: EW

The Oscar-winning actress segued a conversation about Netflix's Anna Nicole Smith: You Don't Know Me documentary into a larger point about pop culture's obsession with reality shows that encourage contention, drama, and interpersonal conflict — and traced it all back to the scathing critiques from judge Simon Cowell on Fox's early seasons of American Idol, which currently airs on ABC.

"I think that we, as a society, love to watch stuff to judge folks. I've always thought that the beginning of the downfall of society was with, what's the name of that show?" she said, turning off camera to address Teta. He responded, "ABC's American Idol?" emphasizing the fact that both shows share the same network.

Goldberg continued, stressing that the show was "not always on" ABC. (American Idol aired on Fox from 2002 to 2016.)

"Once we gave people the ability to judge other people, I think we ran amok with it," Goldberg continued. "And it's gone out of control. They invited the public to decide who that person was and I feel once we did that, it began us in a cycle which we have not..." Goldberg then paused to scold Teta for an unknown action. "... did you really just do that?"

"I'm saying, we've talked about this, that it's gotten better, you like it now. Remember?" Teta said when the camera switched to show him.

Sunny Hostin jumped in. "You like it. ABC, she likes it. ABC, she loves it. It's really good," Hostin said, but Goldberg soldiered on with her thought.

"When I was watching it, ABC didn't have it. They have it now, it's a different show, it's a very different show. The judges are different with the people who are coming," the 67-year-old said before throwing the show to a commercial break. "ABC knows that I feel like this. I've told them. It had nothing to do with them, it had to do with the show. See, you starting stuff, man. We'll be right back."

In March, American Idol's current panel of judges — Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie — visited The View to discuss the new season, with Richie revealing a hilarious bit of information about his shortened sex drive after the panel inquired about his signature hit "All Night Long."

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET/PT on ABC.

I absolutely got what Whoopi meant when she talked about American Idol. 20+years ago when they show first launched, the show prided itself on the bad singing auditions and when the judges (except for Paula Abdul) would judge the wannabe singers quite harshly.

I did find it quite irritating when The View's EP Brian Teta would try to clean up what Whoopi said because AI is now on ABC instead of Fox, and I'm actually glad she scolded him live on air.

People should be able to express their opinions about a show whether or not they share a network.

As for the new set of judges, I don't know if things have necessarily changed, because I just did a story earlier this week about how fans aren't taking too kindly to Katy's style of judging and how she comes across on the show.

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