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Why Andy Cohen Is No Longer Chasing Madonna To Be A Guest On Watch What Happens Live

Andy Cohen, who is a long time Madonna fan recently had a chat with Howard Stern, and revealed why he's done chasing the queen of pop to be a guest on his tired ass show that no one watches Watch What Happens Live.

Madonna has still not done the show. I hope she does … [but] I’m actually kind of over it. In my Notes app, I was keeping a long list of interview questions for her in case she ever did the show, and she’s kind of answered a lot of it.

I’ve mellowed about it. Now she and I have been in touch a little bit over the years… And she said to me, ‘Stop having people trash me on your show.’

I said [to Madonna], ‘I speak so positively, I am such a fan of yours on the radio and on Watch What Happens Live’… [but] only the bad stuff gets picked up in the press. That’s what gets picked up in the press. You know how this works.’

I could make a four-hour montage of me licking Madonna’s ass on Watch What Happens Live or on the radio … on Andy’s Kiki Lounge on SiriusXM app, every 75 minutes there is a Madonna song. That’s how many Madonna songs there are in the queue. So, that’s how big of a fan I am.

His comments pretty much explains why she will not do his show. He's had Patti LuPone on WWHL plenty of times, and she has been very vocal regarding Madonna's performance in Evita. Quiet as it's kept, the questions the viewers ask (but lowkey I believe his team writes the questions and they just say the questions are sent in) are dumb, and the games they play on the show are even dumber. Now saying Madonna doesn't have a sense of humor (because she does), but Andy just comes across like a thirsty clout chaser.

He also talked about now that CNN CEO Chris Licht has been fired if they'll bring drinking back to his NYE special with bestie Anderson Cooper.

You can watch both clips below...

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