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Xscape Talk Soul Train Awards, LaTocha Scott Drama, And Says LaTocha's Husband Threatened Promoter

Three fourths of the ladies of Xscape - Kandi Burruss, Tamika Scott and Tameka "Tiny" Harris sat down for an interview with radio station V-103, and the ladies spilled all the tea in regards to what's been circulating between them all over social media.

How the drama between the ladies popped up on our blogger radar was when LaTocha Scott said she was misinformed by the dress code for the Soul Train Music Awards.

Here's what Kandi had to say:

“It gave the impression that we all purposely did something to her and that’s just not true…They didn’t want us to see what she was wearing,”

Tiny added:

“They just sent the tail of it, trying to hide it.”

Tiny also addressed her speech at the show, where viewers felt she was throwing shade at LaTocha by turning her back towards her while addressing the other ladies. Tiny also said she wasn't sure if LaTocha's speech was subliminal shade directed towards the group.

Here's what she said:

“Honestly I didn’t mean anything by it, I was just looking at the mic, trying to talk to the mic. I was not excluding her….I saw it and said ‘d*mn’ it do look a little crazy’….but I had no ill will.”

Tamika addressed the feud between she and her sister. LaTocha claims she's not speaking to Tamika because she disrespected their mother, but Tamika says that's not true.

They also addressed LaTocha not participating in the Xscape tour because the promoter threatened her husband Rocky. However, the ladies said it was Rocky who initiated the threats first.

It has also been reported that LaTocha has been putting the focus on her forthcoming solo project - a gospel album.

Tamika stated:

“We didn’t stop her from doing the shows, she stepped back. It wasn’t just because of this show, it was another show with different promoter. They say she’s booked up, she’s working on her solo project….We’re definitely supportive of her solo deal.”

Chiile, this is a whole damn mess, and we'll see it all unfold when their upcoming docuseries with SWV premieres in March.

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