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Young Joc Says He Wouldn't Perform At Pride Event For $250k, Fears Men's Lustful Eyes

Love & Hip Hop star Young Joc clearly wants to go viral like Bussy Madass (who recently claimed he turned down $250k to perform at a Pride event), because in a recent interview he felt the need to throw shade at the gays.

Before we get to that story the rapper previously made a bigoted statement saying he didn't understand why people felt the need to announce whenever they came out of the closet.

“My only question is why do people have to come out? I be like, ‘Damn, today is the day you want to come out? Why you want to come out?’ For me, I get a lot of tension when I have this conversation with people. I always ask what’s your sexuality got to do with what the fuck we got going on?"

“Hey guy, if you wanna suck some penis, do that! That’s your fucking business… Why does everybody have to come out and be like, ‘Hey, I’m gay!”

In a new interview with VLAD TV, Joc says he wouldn’t perform for the LGBTQ+ community for even a quarter of a million dollars!!!

He says he, too, would refuse that payment if it meant he had to get onstage in front of gay men, specifically. You gotta watch how he says it, though … Joc admits being extremely uncomfortable with men gawking at him with “lustful eyes” as he raps lyrics to his hit, “It’s Goin’ Down.”

Joc stresses just how much $250k is … and how big it is to get paid that much cash in one sitting — and he does this to stress just how strongly he feels about this issue. As he says, he doesn’t seem to want to associate himself with that “lifestyle” on principle.

I was about to close out this report by asking who would ask his bitch ass to perform at a Pride event anyway?

Then I happened to come across a post on Instagram from gay comic Kia Barnes, who revealed that Joc's lying ass has not only performed at her birthday party, but he also performed at a Gay Pride event in Atlanta back in 2017.

I even saw people in Kia's comments spilling all of his tea about how Joc would hang out at a specific bar on LGBTQ night and even bought some of the patrons drinks.

That perm on your head may lie, but receipts don't.

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