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Yung Miami Catches Heat For Launching “The Gays” Merch Collection

Yung Miami announces a new merch launch called The Gays and faces backlash for an old homophobic tweet.

Yung Miami has curated a capsule collection featuring the phrase, “The Gays,” that she will be selling and giving the proceeds from to support GLAAD for LGBTQ+ programming. The move comes after she attended the GLAAD Awards in New York City, last week. She shared a teaser video for the drop on social media, Monday, featuring the caption: "Surprise drop this Friday May 17th in celebration of Pride month coming this June! This one is for THE GAYS a portion of the proceeds will be donated to @glaad for LGBTQ programming."

“In light of gay pride, I wanted to do something for the LGBTQ community which is a big part of my fan base,” Yung Miami further said in a press statement. “Oftentimes, I feel they’re left out so I wanted to celebrate and dedicate this collection to them to make sure they feel seen and heard.”

The move comes after Miami previously faced backlash from the community for resurfaced homophobic tweets in 2018 regarding the idea of having a gay son. She apologized with a statement on social media at the time. “My deepest apologies and heart goes out to those who have that tweet and were offended by that. The City Girls appreciate all of their support no matter what their sexuality is,” she wrote. “The comments I made about Haitians I was wrong and immature to even let my opinion about an individual person be my opinion about an entire culture." Some users on social media also brought up the old tweets in response to the new merch.

While Careesha revealed on Jason Lee's show that she is bisexual, and is good squirrel friends with Saucy Santana, the people wasted no time jumping on social media to remind her of the homophobic tweet she put out back in 2013 where she wrote, "Boy oh boy if I ever see any type of gay s**t in my son Imma beat that boy so baddd." She later apologized for the tweet but people have not forgotten.

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