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Zoë Saldaña Says Marvel's Secrecy Can Be Annoying Sometimes

Avatar: Way of Water and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 star Zoë Saldaña says that Marvel's strict protocols for preventing key plot points from getting leaked can be annoying sometimes.

via People:

The Guardians of the Galaxy star, 44, said in an interview in InStyle’s Winter 2022 digital issue that working with Marvel can sometimes be tough because of its strict protocols for preventing leaks, which means that she will sometimes get a script just hours ahead of when she’s scheduled to shoot.

“That can be annoying sometimes,” she said. “That’s not cool, because you have to memorize, you have to prepare, you have to do research. And I tend to take myself a little too seriously sometimes.”

Saldaña previously got in trouble for posting a video in her Gamora makeup, sifting through pages in a binder that Marvel deemed needed to be kept secret. She eventually took down the original February video and uploaded another one — this time with highlighter marks hiding the papers.

“Had to take this down before because of Marvel Security. Now that I covered what they don’t want you to see, let’s just focus on the Mate!!!!!,” Saldaña captioned the Instagram video.

However, Saldaña said she takes her responsibility as an actress seriously.

“I really enjoy working with filmmakers who don’t underestimate my intelligence and know that I am an adult,” Saldana. “I will be discreet. It is as important to me, as it is for him or her, that I don’t let these scripts out of my sight.”

Despite this, Saldaña said there are positives to the job, including the fact that her kids (8-year-old twins Bowie and Cy, and 5-year-old Zen) can brag about her.

“I see how he’s trying to place me in his mind like, ‘Okay, you’re Mama, but you’re also Gamora,'” she says of her youngest son. “They’re going to watch these movies, and it’s going to be a part of what they like and what excites them.”

“And the fact that that gives me street cred with my kids, it’s fun, it’s great,” she adds.

I love me some Zoe, but as of late it seems she's been doing a lot of complaining as of late. You are lucky enough to have roles in so many genre franchises like Star Trek, Avatar and Guardians, and I'm sure you get paid well to star in those films as well.

As an actor I can understand your frustrations, but when you are starring in films where potential information could get leaked to social media, this is something you should realize comes with the territory.

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