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ABC Announces The Bachelor For Seniors

ABC has greenlit a season of The Bachelor, which will feature singles of a certain age.

via: Uproxx

For a brief while, The Bachelor was toying with making a spinoff that would focus on seniors looking for love. But then the pandemic happened, and well, you can do the math on why ABC put a pin in that one. (Yikes, right?)

Fortunately, conditions have improved, which means it’s time for The Golden Bachelor. Set to premiere in Fall 2023, the spinoff will celebrate the “golden years” of its contestants as “one hopeless romantic is given a second chance at love in the search for a partner with whom to share the sunset years of life.”


The women will be in the same boat — with a life full of family and stories to tell. “The women arriving at the mansion have a lifetime of experience, living through love, loss and laughter, hoping for a spark that ignites a future full of endless possibilities. In the end, will our Golden man turn the page to start a new chapter with the woman of his dreams?”

While details are scarce, talk of a “Bachelor Senior” kicked into overdrive during Season 26 when viewers fell in love with “wingwoman” Holly. The 63-year-old retiree was a hoot as she loved to joke that she was on the wrong show and asked where the set was for the senior version.

If Holly doesn’t pop up on The Golden Bachelor, there might be riot on the shuffleboard court. Tread carefully, ABC.

I have a strong feeling that if this writer's strike wasn't happening ABC wouldn't be scrounging to fill their time slots with unscripted content such as a Bachelor for older people.

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