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Gay porn star Brock Banks is putting Hustlaball on blast, revealing in a series of tweets the horrible experience he had attending the annual event for the first time.

First, off what I found bizarre is that the promoter was asking models to attend the event without pay, but that didn’t seem to bother Brock because he was excited just to attend.

Also, by not paying the models a lot of them could attend and record content for Onlyfans, Justforfans, and For My Fans.

Anyway, in the tweets Brock revealed upon arriving to Vegas, his room at the Artisan Hotel was roach-infested, the plumbing was bad which made it difficult to douche, and the staff were rude AF.

And what’s worse is that the models had to pay for their own hotel rooms. Brock said they paid $800 and as of this writing he’s still trying to get a refund.

Here’s what he revealed in a series of tweets:

Strong advice to any porn models or entertainers or any of my Meat eaters! DONT EVER GO TO @TheHustlaball EVER!!! I had one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at an event like this. And the owner of the event has yet to try and help me get a refund. — MEAT EATER (@Brock_Banks_) January 22, 2022
We paid 800 dollars to stay at a roach infested hotel with shitty service and plumbing that was fucking with everyone. I won’t ever ever attend any event that is run by this guy. Period! — MEAT EATER (@Brock_Banks_) January 22, 2022

A few porn stars chimed in to throw a little shade at the event.

If the promoter is going to be a stunt queen and hustle their models, good luck trying to get some of the hottest models in gay porn to show up and show out at your event next year. It’s not worth the aggravation.

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