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'American Idol' Execs Feuding Over Miley Cyrus Allegedly Taking Over as Katy Perry's Replacement

The insider revealed some bosses fear Miley is not the "family-friendly" replacement for Katy after she announced her departure from American Idol on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

While sources shared that ABC is eyeing several superstars for next season, hears that Miley Cyrus is the front-runner; however, some network bosses are worried she might not be "family-friendly" enough for the reality competition show.

The Flowers singer's reputation as a wild child might ruin her chances to star alongside Perry's costars, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and longtime host Ryan Seacrest.

"They are looking at several options on how to replace Katy," an insider told The Sun. While Miley's name is in the race, some decision-makers aren't sure she's the right fit — especially when there are other talented and "safe" choices.

"Names like Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain... are in the frame because they have worked on the show before and are 'safe' faces, but there is a push for Miley," the source spilled, adding that Cyrus' recent two Grammy wins helped her cause.

"Several producers feel she would be 'perfect' to judge the show and get headlines like Katy," the insider claimed. "She is a younger star with an audience that has grown up with her as Hannah Montana and is a celebrated pop star in her own right."

The insider shared there's "casting drama" over Miley due to her controversial ways, with some bosses feeling she's too much of a liability for ABC.

"Some senior figures at ABC have concerns about the risque and open nature of Miley saying or doing something which is not necessarily family-friendly," the source stated.

"The production team is inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly, but Miley is very outspoken and always herself," they explained.

"Of course, ABC sees itself as America's family network, so they would not want to bring division to the audience." has reached out to ABC for comment.

The insider also claimed that a few of the bosses are hoping Perry might stick around.

"While publicly Katy is saying she is leaving the show, there is nothing stopping her from changing her mind," the source spilled. "The way it was so staged on ABC and Kimmel seemed to be part of a plan.

"What could be better than her doing the season and then deciding to carry on in some capacity - if the money deal is right?

"American Idol has not had this much coverage and chat in a long time."

That likely won't happen unless ABC executives give her a bump in pay. Word on the street is Perry allegedly wanted a raise, but the cable bosses wouldn't budge higher than her $25 million salary.

Besides her TV gig, Perry has had her hands tied up in a legal battle with an 84-year-old veteran.

The Roar singer will face off with his family over the $2.6 million she claimed he owes her after fighting over the $15 million mansion she bought from him.

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