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On Thursday, Paramount+ aired the grand finale of Queen of the Universe, and let’s give a huge con-DRAG-ulations to Grag Queen, the Brazilian bombshell who beat out Ada Vox and Aria B. Cassidine for the $250,000 grand prize.

Here’s what she told Variety recently about Brazil’s LGBTQ+ community, and what it means for her to win:

It feels amazing! I can go to the medic. I don’t look at the prices anymore. [Laughs.] I can give my mother and father a very good living. I just want us to be protected and healthy. I don’t really feel like a millionaire right now, but I get used to the good things very, very fast.

We live in a country that kills LGBTQ people more than any other, and our transgender people’s [life expectancy] is only 35 years old and it’s not fair. We are still trying to find some place of peace. We see all the time on the internet people being dragged and being killed and punched everyday, but we don’t see that on the news on TV. I really want to use this platform to make people know that this situation is crazy and it’s real.

Grag Queen has also revealed that her debut album is already done, and we should expect to hear songs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She was my favorite to win, and I’m glad the audience made then right choice in choosing Grag to win.

Check out her electrifying performance of Rise Up below…

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