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While Bussy Badazz (I refuse to call him by his actual rap name) is out here always ready to offer his unasked for opinion about how people should raise their gay and trans children, maybe he should start worrying about his own kids, since social media commentators are clamoring for CPS to come in and investigate his troll-looking ass.

“I’m training these boys right,” Badazz said in the video. “Ask any of my nephews, ask any of them, ask my son. Yeah, when they was 12, 13, they got head. Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Hell yeah, I got my f*cking son d*ck sucked.

“Yes, I’m f*ckin right,” he continued. “Yes, a grown woman, grown, super-grown, super-grown. Checked his *ss out. Checked all my nephews out. Super-grown. Yes she grown, she checked me out. I know what the f*ck she did to them. She checked me out, that b*tch. I’m getting them prepared, man.”

This tea came out a while ago, but due to the fact that we’re under quarantine, and people got time to dig up old tea on the internet, the following story is resurfacing again. The homophobic and transphobic rapper revealed in a video on social media that he hired a sex worker to give oral sex to his son and nephews when they were 12- and 13-years-old. While some nasty ass commentators cheered Badazz for his actions (we need to get Olivia Benson to investigate some of y’all who think this is ok), others were so horrified by what this clown was openly admitting that they felt Child Protective Services should step in and remove the children from his care.

boosie is a grown ass man who just openly admitted to putting his underage son through sexual abuse by letting “grown women” perform oral sex on him. what the fuck is going on bruh? — k’am (@shrimpfrynrice) May 12, 2020

This isn’t the first time Bussy has had a problem with the gays. Back in 2016, Badazz (birth name Torrence Hatch) said that he would beat his own son to try and change their sexuality if they told him they were gay. During the same interview and also during a 2015 Twitter rant, he said that media was trying to turn everyone gay and that 50 percent of the population would soon be gay thanks to “gay sh*t” on television. He’s an ignorant, misogynistic prick, and the only people paying him any mind are the idiots listening to his trash music. I hope CPS steps in, but I highly doubt they will.

The fact that Bussy has a problem with parents loving their queer and trans children is problematic to him, but encouraging a grown women to sexually assault your sons and nephews is okay in your eyes shows something is mentally wrong with this man. Who diddled with your twig and berries as a child? What kind of fucked up shit happened to you in prison to make you think this way? How do the mothers of your kids and your nephews feel about this?

Apparently having a THOT take your child’s virginity is more common in the hood than people realize. It’s been happening for as long as men have been taking their sons to brothels.

If you listen to hip hop and follow Miss Bussy, which I only do because his name only surfaces in my neck of the woods when he for some reason feels he needs to speak out about the gay and trans community (a few months ago making a video on IG live in Planet Fitness where he begged Dwayne Wade not to cut his trans daughter Zaya’s dick off), then you know how problematic he is.

I truly believe that Bussy is so concerned with homosexuality and not having gay children because there may be some tendencies buried deep down in his spirit. If you are truly comfortable with yourself as a man you wouldn’t be so bothered with how homosexuals and transsexuals are living their lives. They not out here fucking with you, unless you are getting down with trans women on the low and we don’t know about it.

You also wouldn’t be so afraid of having gay kids that you think curing them is by having some grown ass woman out here giving them neck like they’re sucking the marrow out of a chicken bone. To think that there’s nothing wrong with a grown woman having sex with your child, but that being gay is the worst kind of sin just goes to show how mentally fucked up you are not only as a father, but as a so-called man.

Oh, and P.S. just because you have a grown woman slob your child’s knob or buy them an iPhone 11 doesn’t mean that your child won’t turn out to be a card carrying member of the alphabet community. Some of you homophobes and transphobes need to get your priorities straight, because I don’t know how young boys being molested, prison or gang culture among young black men is celebrated, but embracing one’s same sex attractions is considered heinous. I would rather my child be gay or trans than have any of my children having the fucked up mentality of someone like Miss Bussy.

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