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Aoki Lee Simmons, 21, Shares Cryptic Post After Mom Kimora Said She Was ‘Embarrassed’ by Those Kissing Photos of Her with 65 Year Old Man

Aoki Lee Simmons shared a cryptic post about “good girl conditioning” after her mom, Kimora Lee Simmons, said she was “embarrassed” about her daughter’s brief romance with Vittorio Assaf.

Aoki Lee Simmons used her Instagram platform to share a cryptic post about ‘conditioning,’ after mom Kimora Lee Simmons said she was ’embarrassed’ by photos of her kissing restaurateur Vittorio Assaf.

On Friday, the 21-year-old model — who was spotted locking lips with the 65-year-old entrepreneur in early April — used Instagram Stories to share a quote by Dr. Nicole LePera.

It read, ‘Good girl conditioning sends a clear message: don’t be too much or want too much.

‘It’s why so many women tolerate misery. May we teach young girls to say no clearly and to disappoint people regularly. May we free her from the generational cycle of being polite & easy.’

Kimora, 49, recently admitted to TMZ about her daughter’s romance being captured in pictures: ‘I was a little bit embarrassed.’

Kimora also insisted that the relationship between Aoki and Vittorio wasn’t serious.

She speculated that her daughter, who she shares with mogul Russell Simmons, had been ‘set up.’

‘She’s a young, pretty girl and we don’t think that the toads that we kiss are gonna be broadcasted,’ she explained.

‘I personally feel like she was set up, which is why I try to [warn] my girls. There’s definitely an age dynamic there and I just feel like she was set up a little bit,’ she added.

The proud mother-of-five noted that she will support her daughter’s decisions no matter what.

‘I was also like, “It is what it is honey, mama’s got your back,”‘ she concluded.

Snaps of Aoki and Vittorio packing on the PDA in the Caribbean hit the web on April 6.

First of all, Kimora should be the last one appalled by her daughter kissing an older man, when quiet as it's kept she was messing with Russell when she was a teenager and he was damn near 40.

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